TE: Internet unaffected by cable malfunction

Telecom Egypt Deputy CEO Tareq Abu Alam said that Internet connectivity in Egypt had not been affected by the partial malfunction of a submarine cable under the Mediterranean Sea last week. “We have increased our capacity with the use of other cables,” he explained.

The cable, which is known as smw4 and passes through Palermo, Marseille and Alexandria, is located 1900 km from Egyptian territorial waters. Last Wednesday, problems with the cable’s electrical circuits reportedly slowed down Internet speed in Egypt.

“It was supposed to have been repaired on Sunday, but the operation was postponed,” Alam said. “It affected the Gulf countries, but we have extra capacity enough for all local Internet service providers.”

“We have a dedicated operations room following up on the reparations,” Alam added. “And we will support all service providers and Internet users should there be more problems with the cable.”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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