“Taraneem Iblis” brings together ElSakka, Shaaban after 16 years

In 2002, an Egyptian movie called “Mafia” witnessed the birth of two new stars: Ahmed ElSakka and Mustafa Sha’aban, one of the most successful duets in Egyptian cinema history.

Sixteen years later, the two stars will be reuniting in their new action movie “Taraneem Iblis” (Satan’s Hymns).

Written by Mohamed Elsayed Besher and directed by Mohamed Samy, the movie is scheduled to be released in 2019, and will begin shooting in August.

The movie is highly anticipated as the last collaboration between the two stars “Mafia” was one of the most successful movies of its time, generating a record LE13 million revenue. Mafia also cemented the name of ElSakka and Sha’aban as two of the biggest action stars of their generation.

The two went on to conquer the cinema and television world. ElSakka’s movies became a huge success in cinemas, with his latest movie “Horoob Eterari” achieving the highest revenues in the 2017 feast movie marathon.  ElSakka also awaits the release of his movie “Serri Lel Ghaya”, where he will be portraying President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi.

As for Mustafa Sha’aban, he lastly participated in the movie “El-Watar” (The String) with actress Ghada Adel in 2010. Since then, the actor has made a name for himself in television, portraying the womanizer in number of series such as “Mazag El-Kheir” and “El-Zooga El-Rabae” (The Fourth Wife).

These kind of roles garnered a mixture of appraisal and criticism , especially for being repetitive. However, in Ramadan 2018, the actor had a change of heart as he left the role of womanizer behind to play “Ayoub”, a man who suffers from liver fibrosis and goes to jail after being wrongly accused of corruption.

“Ayoub’s” character garnered widespread sympathy from viewers, who appraised Sha’aban for his ability to play different roles.

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