Tantawi’s honor guard assaults pilgrims at Cairo airport

The honor guard of Field Marshal Hussein Tantawi, the head of the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, assaulted two pilgrims returning from the city of Medina while arriving at Cairo International Airport on Sunday evening.

They also insulted the security services when they tried to stop them.

Investigations revealed that Brigadier General Essam Gharib Ahmed and six honor soldiers obtained a permit to enter the arrival hall. They were seen assaulting two pilgrims immediately after they descended from the bus that brought them from the plane.

Airport security said Ahmed received a phone call from his brother, who was returning on the same plane, telling him that he had an altercation with the two pilgrims while they were boarding the plane in Medina, and that they almost caused him to fall down the stairs. He asked him to wait for them upon their arrival and "teach them a lesson."

The same sources said a delegation of the armed forces arrived to the airport and apologized to the security director, who refused the apology, insisting that Ahmed apologize in person. He also said that he filed a complaint with the police and would file another with the military council on Wednesday.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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