Tahrir Square closes in anticipation of April 6 Movement protests

Security forces closed Tahrir Square on Sunday in anticipation of demonstrations by the April 6 Movement. 
Only pedestrians were allowed to walk in after they were asked where they were going.
Mohamed Kamal, spokesperson for the April 6 Movement, said the demonstrations mark the sixth anniversary of the movement.
“We are starting at 4pm with a conference at the lawyers Syndicate titled Release Egypt,” Kamal said. “Then we are marching from 7pm to 9pm, joined by the National Council for Human Rights.”
“We did not notify the Interior Ministry because the Constitution does not specify who we should do so,” he told Al-Mewar 2 satellite channel. “So we notified the National Council for Human Rights.”
“All political forces rejected the demonstration law from the moment it was issued,” he added.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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