Tahrir protesters call on Mugamma employees to support sit-in

Several protesters in Tahrir Square on Wednesday urged employees at the Mugamma, an administrative building located in the heart of the square, to join the sit-in.

A statement issued on a Facebook page for protesters announced, "We have decided that our sit-in should not hamper work in the Mugamma."

Protesters on Wednesday allowed Mugamma employees to access the building after blocking their entry for four days to put pressure on the ruling Supreme Council of the Armed Forces to fulfill their demands, the most prominent of which is expediting trials of police accused of killing protesters during the 25 January revolution.

The Mugamma is an important government services center that has several ministerial offices.

The statement said protesters in Tahrir believe that the rights of citizens who work at the Mugamma or want to finish paperwork should be respected, as should the demands of protesters who want to build a new nation where there is respect for human dignity.

"We hope you will heed our call for civil disobedience to achieve the demands of the revolution, if we ever make such a call," the statement added.

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