Tahrir birthday girl: My only wish is to see Mubarak leave

Carrying an Egyptian flag in one hand and a birthday cake on the other, Menna traveled more than 100 kilometers from her village in Sharqia to Tahrir Square in downtown Cairo to celebrate her 19th birthday.

“This is my best birthday ever as I celebrate it among the 25 January youth, the best people with whom to celebrate this day after all what they gave to Egypt,” she said. “They have achieved gains that have pushed us 100 years forward and breathed life into our homeland.”

Following the noon prayer on Monday, loudspeakers announced Menna’s birthday and her birthday cake was raised for everyone to see. One of the protesters shouted, “ Yesterday we celebrated a marriage and today Menna came from Sharqia to celebrate her birthday to show the whole world that this country is ours and that the people is nation’s only legitimate power.”

Still holding the flag and cake, Menna grabbed the microphone as the square boomed with applause.

“Today I celebrate 19 years under the State of Emergency. My only wish this year is to see Mubarak go,” she said. “I affirm to the whole world that we will not lose spirit and will keep protesting until Mubarak leaves, and I’ll not even say ‘President Mubarak’ because he has lost his legitimacy [as president].”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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