Tagammu Party denies accepting former NDP members

Egypt’s Leftist Tagammu Party denied on Monday that any former members of the former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP) had joined the party.

Party spokesperson Nabil Zaky said Tagammu had firmly decided to deny membership to former NDP members, dismissing media reports that 150 people joined Tagammu from the now-disbanded NDP.

“Tagammu has deep-rooted ideological disagreements with all those affiliated to the NDP that prevent it from accepting them,” Zaky said.

”We received complaints from some party offices saying that former NDP members have been applying for membership while concealing their identities. A specialized committee will investigate those incidents, and all those affiliated to the NDP will be excluded,” he said, adding that one case was discovered in the city of Mahalla, in Gharbiya.

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