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Tache gallery opens in Designopolis

Saturday marked the opening of Designopolis’s new gallery, Tache. Founders Taya El Zayad and Cherine Badrawy have developed the space into a two-story gallery in gray and white. Tracks across the wall leave room to hang paintings in different places and the gray and white make sure the gallery’s decor does not take away from the art. Of course with the opening exhibition by Egyptian artist Huda Lutfi, it is unlikely anything would distract from the work.

The retrospective exhibition, a mix of old and new work by the artist, covers a range of themes, styles and mediums. Lutfi’s work with collage, paint and wood brings together a strong spirit of nostalgia and mysticism with a taste of the modern and colorful.

One of the exhibition’s most striking pieces, "Knocking on Heaven’s Door," portrays winged horses with women’s heads trapped behind metal fencing–a testament to the artist’s skill in mixing mediums and materials to get a message across. The upper portion of the gallery includes a selection of paintings from an exhibition called Arayis, featuring recreations of dolls using paint and collage.

Guests at the opening sipped champagne and snacked on tempura shrimp while discussing everything from the gallery to the Designopolis atmosphere and the new art scene building up in what is meant to be the city’s new capital. With a surprisingly large turnout for the seemingly inaccessible location–in 6th of October City off the Cairo Desert Road–Tache’s founders were happy with the event.

El Zayad and Badrawy are long time art enthusiasts and collectors. El Zayad mainly collects Egyptian art while Badrawy’s personal collection is more eclectic. Although the event seemed very "haute culture" in it’s art, prices and event guests, that is not the only aim the founders have in mind. The women came together with the idea for the gallery to feature young upcoming Egyptian artists, and the future looks promising.

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