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Syrian woman smuggled drugs using her miscarried child’s body: state TV

Syria bore witness to a tragic crime in which a mother self-induced a miscarriage and used the body to smuggle narcotics. 

The Syrian Anti-Narcotics Unit broadcasted the confessions of the accused mother on Syrian TV, in which she  explains she kept the miscarried fetus in her refrigerator and used it to transport and sell drugs such as cocaine and heroin.

According to her confession, she induced the abortion by taking pills during the eight month of pregnancy. 

According to Sky News Arabia, the accused hid the narcotic substances inside the clothes of the dead child, as she assumed that no one would suspect a child’s dead body to be hiding drugs.

The accused confirmed that she repeatedly used the corpse of the fetus, stressing that she returned it after each trip to her refrigerator.

She was finally arrested by Syria’s anti-drug security services, during a raid.

The mother admitted that she has been using drugs for five years, with the encouragement of her husband, who is also accused of trafficking. She claimed that her husband turned her from a drug abuser to an addict in order to exploit her.

The heartbreaking story has left Syria and the international community in a state of shock, with many not able to fathom the mother’s desperation and subsequent exploitation.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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