Syrian state TV: 2 Egyptians killed in Syria

Two Egyptians were shot dead in Syria by police forces Monday, Syrian state TV said.

The station quoted police sources as saying that both Yasser Abdel Razek and Abdo al-Desoky Mossad were killed while participating in what it claimed was a “terrorist” group. According to police, the group also included other Arabs of different nationalities who had illegally entered the country.

One of the two Egyptians killed Monday was 60 years old.

The first Egyptian to be killed in the Syria uprising was Eid Salah Eid. He was killed in March 2011 in the city of Deraa. Many other Egyptians have been killed since the start of the Syrian uprising.

The Egyptian Foreign Ministry has repeatedly warned Egyptians not to go to Syria, and has also called on Egyptians currently living there to quickly evacuate the country and return home.

Edited translation from MENA

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