Syrian opposition delegation walks out of meeting with Muslim Brotherhood

A Syrian opposition delegation walked out of a meeting with the Muslim Brotherhood group on Monday.

“We were not properly received when we arrived there,” said Fahd al-Argha, political and media advisor to the Syrian community in Cairo.

The delegation was to meet with General Guide Mohamed Badie at the group’s headquarters in the Moqattam district.

“They kept us waiting for a long time,” Argha said. “Then they told us not to bring in Amira al-Refai, a member of our delegation, as per orders from Mahmoud Ghaslan, a leading figure of the group.”

“They told us she was a persona non grata, but we refused to exclude her from the meeting,” he added, requesting a formal apology from the general guide.

The Muslim Brotherhood’s website, however, posted an article and a picture of Badie meeting with the delegation. “Who are they fooling?” Argha wondered. 

He confirmed that the names of the delegation members mentioned in the article were different, suggesting that the group was perhaps referring to another meeting.

“They said I was excluded because I am not Syrian,” said Refai.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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