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Syrian air defense repels Israeli attack on Damascus

The Syrian news agency SANA reported a military source saying that Syrian army’s air defenses responded to an “Israeli air aggression” on the vicinity of the Syrian capital, Damascus, from the direction of Lebanese territory.

The source explained that the attack targeted several points in the vicinity of the capital, resulting in material losses.

Syrian army and intelligence sources reported on Thursday that the Israeli occupation carried out an air strike targeting a main air defense base.

For years, Israel has been launching attacks on what it considers targets linked to Iran in Syria.

After October 7, limited attacks were launched from Syrian territory towards Israeli forces present in the occupied Syrian Golan, in response to the Israeli aggression on Gaza.


War with Lebanon escalates

The Lebanese-Israeli front continues to escalate as Hezbollah announced on Friday that it had targeted an occupation crane carrying equipment and spy equipment in the Doviv farms, in addition to targeting the Hadab Yaron site on the southern border, confirming that it had achieved a direct hit in both sites.

Hezbollah also announced that it had targeted two Israeli sites on the border, hitting them directly, while the occupation army said that it had bombed the sources of rocket launches coming from Lebanon.

Sirens sounded in northern Israel, following the suspected infiltration of a march coming from southern Lebanon.

Israel reported sources of rocket launching in Lebanon after the Doviv and Bir’im settlements were targeted with anti-tank missiles.

British newspaper “The Times” said in a report that “the attacks launched by Hezbollah across the Lebanese border put Israel in a multi-front war.”

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