Swiss organization designs mannequins for people with disabilities

Pro Infirmis, a Swiss organization defending people with disabilities, called designed mannequins for people with disabilities, under the slogan Because who is perfect?” 
The organization posted a YouTube video as a promotion for the campaign, which soon went viral. The video shows various people with disabilities or deformed bodies undergoing measurements by an artist to create mannequins that mirror themselves. The unveiling of the mannequins illicits a emotional and joyful reaction from the subjects.
The mannequins are now displayed at the storefront of a famous store in Zurich, offering clothes that keep pace with modern fashion. The idea impressed passers-by who took photos for the mannequins.
The idea came in on the occasion of the International Day for People with Disabilities, aiming to integrate disabled people with the community, and to emphasize that true beauty lies within.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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