Suspected Jordanian spy claims prosecutors changed his statements

Bashar Ibrahim Abu Zeid, a Jordanian man accused by Egyptian authorities of being a spy, said at his first court hearing on Sunday that he had not been given a copy of the statements he made during questioning by the prosecution, prompting the court to adjourn until Sunday to watch video recordings of the interrogation session.
Abu Zeid and a fugitive Israeli Mossad officer are accused of spying for Israel.
He criticized his lawyers for being unable to release him after seven months in detention.
“I did not sign the interrogation report,“ he shouted in court. “The prosecution has changed my statements.”
Abu Zeid waved the victory sign at his mother, who attended the session with another woman, both hiding their faces with scarfs. He is charged with supplying Israel's Mossad intelligence agency with names of Egyptians working in telecommunications, with a view to recruiting them to work for Israeli intelligence.
Public Prosecutor Taher al-Kholy requested the severest punishment for Abu Zeid for deliberately attempting to endanger national security.
Translated from the Arabic Edition

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