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Suspect in Habiba al-Shamaa death admits to using drugs

Uber driver Mahmoud Hashim, accused of trying to kidnap Habiba al-Shamaa, admitted before the Public Prosecution that he used narcotics before and after the incident.

Shamaa passed away on March 14 after falling into a coma that lasted for 21 days, which resulted from her jumping out of an Uber car when the driver had attempted to kidnap her.

The suspect on Monday admitted that the victim was riding his car at the time of the incident, and as soon as he closed the car’s windows and sprayed an aromatic substance inside it, she jumped out of the car while he was driving at a speed of 100 km/hour and that he fled to avoid suspicion.

He admitted that he consumes the narcotic substance cannabis, as he took a dose of it before the incident and another after it occurred.

The Public Prosecution accused Hashim, 34, attempting to kidnap Shamaa, 24, by force, against her will.

The Public Prosecution accused the Uber driver of possessing with the intention of taking a narcotic substance and of driving a vehicle while under the influence of a drug.

Accordingly, the accused committed a felony and a misdemeanor in accordance with the Penal Code.

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