Suspect accused of dumping friend’s body after heroin overdose

A man has been arrested in the south Giza neigborhood of Bulaq al-Dakrour for allegedly dumping the dead body of his friend in the street after a heroin overdose.

The 35-year-old suspect, named by officials as “Sameh”, is thought to have taken heroin together with the victim on Wednesday night. According to investigators, when the victim overdosed, Sameh tied up his body, wrapped it in a sheet and dumped it in the street, where it was discovered on Friday.

South Giza prosecution office, which is leading the investigation, described the susepct as having previous convictions for drug dealing, while both he and the victim are described as "heroin addicts".

According to police investigators, Sameh has confessed to dumping the body, providing details of how the incident occured.

Sameh told police that he and the suspect took drugs at Sameh's place on Wednesday night, where the victim overdosed. Not wanting the dead body to be found at his place, Sameh tied his friend's hands and feet, wrapped him in a sheet and a plastic sack and then left him in the street.

Residents of the area found the body and reported it to police, who began an investigation. Recognizing the victim, police detectives questioned his father, who was unable to explain the incident.

However, further investigations led detectives to suspect Sameh, and they put up security check points in areas that he was known to frequent, in the hope of catching him.

After being arrested and confronted with the crime, Sameh confessed to dumping the body, although he said the victim's death was accidental, according to police.

On saturday, the prosecutor’s office ordered that Sameh be detained for four days pending further investigations. An autopsy on the victim was ordered to determine the cause of death.

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