Surveillance cameras to be installed across Luxor City

Luxor City mayor Mohamed Sharaby inspected the new surveillance camera cables installed in front of the main gate of the Karnak temples, in preparation for installing cameras in the area.

Luxor is racing against time to complete the installation of a new surveillance camera system in Luxor to secure tourist buses, covering the whole streets and squares of the governorate.

Luxor Governor Mostafa Elham requested that the cameras be installed as soon as possible to monitor any violations that may occur in the city.

He added that Luxor aims to install about 76 surveillance cameras in the main streets and squares, which vary between fixed and mobile cameras.

Elham stressed the need and importance of coordination between Telecom Egypt and the concerned agencies and the Luxor City Council so that excavation work for installing the surveillance cameras infrastructure would be conducted only once in the streets in order to preserve public money.

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