Supreme Council for Journalism praises draft constitution articles on press freedoms

The Supreme Council for Journalism announced on Sunday its approval of constitutional articles related to freedom of journalism, drafted by the 50-member constitution amendment committee.
It added that the articles establishes freedom of media, journalism and expression.
The Journalists Syndicate earlier approved articles proposed by the constitution committee, expected to conclude by December.   
The articles state that freedom of paper and online journalism, printing and publishing is allowed. Egyptian individuals and entities have the right to own and issue online, visual and audio media channels and newspapers.
They also ban monitoring, confiscating or closing media channels with limited exceptions in cases of war or public mobilization.
The articles prevent imposing sanctions that suppress freedoms in cases of crimes that take place through publishing, unless they incite violence or discrimination.
Calls for a constitution that protects journalism freedom have arisen as the former regime of President Mohamed Morsy was criticized for cracking down on journalists and imposing restrictions on journalism through the Constitution.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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