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Supermoon appears in Egypt’s sky Monday

The supermoon will appear in the sky of Egypt on Monday, the head of the National Research Institute of Astronomy and Geophysics, Gad al-Qadi, said.

He said the full moon occurred on Monday at two pm Cairo time.

Qadi added in a statement to the TeN TV channel, that as the moon rotates around the planet earth, it sometimes gets close in a phenomenon called the perihelion.

At other times, it passes other places that are far from the earth, a phenomenon called the aphelion.

He added that when the moon comes close to the earth in the full moon phase, it appears in the form of a giant moon called the supermoon or perihelion moon.

Qadi explained that there are three lunar nights where the moon appears full, although the percentage of its completion cannot be observed with the naked eye.

July is witnessing a number of astronomical phenomena, such as the conjunction of Mars with the star of the Lionheart on July 10, the conjunction of the moon and Jupiter on July 12, and the conjunction of the moon and the Pleiades star on July 13.

Meteor showers, which are among the phenomena that most fascinate astronomers, will also occur.


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