Suleiman: Mubarak did not order killing of protesters

The public prosecutor heared statements on Monday evening from Egypt's former head of intelligence, Omar Suleiman, regarding the information collected by the General Intelligence Service on the events of the 25 January revolution, the killing of protesters and the wealth of the Mubarak family.

According to judicial sources, Suleiman was summoned by the prosecution after ousted President Hosni Mubarak told investigators that he received information from the head of intelligence that saboteurs and Muslim Brotherhood members were preparing to join the protesters in order to create a state of lawlessness.

During the five-hour-long questioning, Suleiman said the General Intelligence Service had received information that the protests were being led by Brotherhood members. Suleiman said the information was sent to the president in confidential reports.

Suleiman went on to say that the State Security apparatus had the same information. When asked by the prosecution where he received this information, how the former president and Interior Ministry dealt with the protesters and whether or not they had issued orders to kill the protesters, Suleiman said that meetings were being held continuously at the presidential residence in light of the protests, some of which he had attended, but that he never heard the former president issuing orders to kill the protesters.

Suleiman claimed the former president ordered the former Interior Minister Habib al-Adly to show restraint and not to attack the protesters, and that with the escalation of events he instructed him to protect public property and to let the armed forces deal with the protesters.

Suleiman then added that there was information he could not mention in the investigations, and that this information could have serious implications if publicized.

Regarding the Mubarak family’s wealth, Suleiman did not mention any specific information, other than his claim that the former president had always instructed his sons not to contact any ministers or to request any illegal benefits.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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