Sufi mausoleum attacked for third time in North Sinai

A group of unidentified men on Thursday morning bombed Sheikh Zuwayed Mausoleum, near the Egyptian city of Rafah on the border with Israel.

The blast completely destroyed the mausoleum, which had already been severely damaged by two previous attacks — a bombing in May last year followed by a rocket-propelled grenade attack in August.

Sheikh Zuwayed, for whom the mausoleum is named, was a Sufi preacher who entered Egypt during the Islamic conquest and lived in North Sinai.

A report of the incident was filed and it has been referred for investigation.

Despite the recurrent bombings, Egyptian security services have not arrested any suspects.

In August, Alaa Abul Azayem, a Sufi sheikh and founder of the Egyptian Liberation Party, accused Salafis of perpetrating the attacks.

Relations between Salafis and Sufis have been particularly tense since the outbreak of the 25 January revolution.

Some Salafi preachers believe Sufis are atheists, a charge that has prompted some Salafis to attack Sufi shrines and lankmarks.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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