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Suez’s 4th Armored Division ready to answer nation’s call whenever necessary: Army general

The fourth Armored Division in Suez is ready to answer the nation’s call whenever necessary, Brigadier General Yasser Wahba said during President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi’s inspection of the Fourth Armored Division in Suez.

“The records of history and the literature of time tell us that weakness is a clear invitation to aggression and that strength based on truth and justice is the only guarantee for achieving peace,” Wahba added.

Egypt fought its immortal battle in October 1973, to regain its stolen land. That glorious war that proved that the rights of peoples can never be lapse by statute of limitations, so our victory was resounding, and then we proceeded to achieve peace, which we considered our strategic option, out of our belief in the peoples’ right to live in safety and security”, he said.

“But this path that we have taken cannot stand in the way of maximizing our capabilities and consolidating the doctrine of our attention.”

“Today, while we are here with a formation of the field army from the Fourth Armored Division of the Third Field Army, we have come to be witnesses to the high readiness of its men, their self-discipline, and their morale that almost reaches the sky. And they are now lining up in pride and dignity, ready to answer the call of the nation whenever necessary,” Wahba concluded.

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