Suez protesters threaten to block tunnel connecting Sinai

Protesters in Suez on Monday threatened to block the Ahmed Hamdy tunnel that leads to the Sinai if the military council failed to speed up trials of police officers accused of killing demonstrators during the 25 January revolution.

“We can also close the oil companies and the Ain Sokhna road,” threatened Sameh Shibl, one of the protesters.

Mohamed al-Temsah, another protester, said protesters would go on hunger strike if the military council failed to meet their demands.

Meanwhile, the Suez Youth Coalition threatened to hold a million-strong demonstration along the banks of the Suez Canal until the council met their demands. “But we will not disrupt canal traffic,” stressed Kamal al-Banna, a protester.

Al-Banna claimed that nine demonstrators were arrested and shocked with taser weapons before they were taken to the Third Field Army headquarters in Agroud district.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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