Suez protesters plan sit-in before court

Dozens of protesters continued their sit-in at Arbaeen Square in Suez on Tuesday to demonstrate against the release those suspected of involvement in killing protesters.

The protesters said they will continue their sit-in until the suspects are brought back to prison.

Ahmed al-Daly, a member of the Suez Youth Bloc, said the protesters, including victims' family members, plan to demonstrate in front of the Suez Court.

Hundreds of people on Monday gathered in Arbaeen Square after the Suez Criminal Court ordered the release of 14 suspects, including 10 officers, charged with killing protesters during the 25 January revolution.

Another 200 members of victims' families blocked the Cairo-Suez road in protest. The army, however, allowed the vehicle carrying the suspects to enter its headquarters for protection.

The number of protesters in Arbaeen decreased after the victims' families left at night. However, the families returned in the morning to participate in the sit-in in front of Suez Court. They said they will stay until the court hears the public prosecutor's appeal of the decision to release the accused policemen on bail.

"If they released the policemen today, they will release [former Interior Minister Habib] al-Adly tomorrow," said Um Mahmoud Ahmad, the mother of a 26-year-old martyr who was shot in the back on 28 January. "But we won't let go of our rights."

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