Sudan expresses reservations over Fiqqi nomination for Arab League chief

Sudanese Foreign Minister Ali Karti expressed reservations over the nomination of Mostafa al-Fiqqi, a former leader in Egypt's former ruling National Democratic Party (NDP), for the position of Arab League secretary general.

Sudan's reservations have nothing to do with the current Egyptian government, said Karti in a press statement, and they do not oppose an Egyptian being nominated but Fiqqi in particular. He added that Sudan also objected to Fiqqi's nomination during ousted president Hosni Mubarak's rule due to his hostile stance toward Sudan.

Sudan's reservations do not mean that there is a crisis between Egypt and Sudan, Karti said after his meeting with the Nabil el-Arabi, Egypt's foreign minister. Sudanese-Egyptian relations are strong and solid, he said.

Karti hoped that the Egypt understands that this is about one person in particular.

He said it is difficult to accept the apology of someone who insulted the Sudanese president and the ruling party, and accused Fiqqi of hating Islamists.

Karti said that Sudan will abstain if Egypt puts Fiqqi forward.

Under Mubarak's rule, Egyptian opposition groups accused Fiqqi of taking part in rigging parliamentary elections at a constituency in the Beheira governorate, which meant he triumphed over his Muslim Brotherhood rival.

The selection of the League's new secretary general is slated for May 15, the day that the term of the current chief, Amr Moussa, comes to an end.

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