‘Style Ideas’: a new shopping tool helps you navigate virtual fashion

Google has just announced an update to its Image Search app which enables you to see what a fashion item you’re interested in would look like worn on a model or blogger.
The new Style Ideas feature could seem quite basic at first. But haven’t we all asked ourselves how a jacket or dress would sit on the waist or shoulders in real life, or wondered which pants would go with a pair of shoes we’re eyeing?
The idea is simple: in addition to the standard retail photo of a fashion product, Google will show you other photos of the same item worn by one of the brand’s official models or a blogger, who has teamed it with other things.
“With style ideas you can see real-life options of what bag and jeans look stellar with those red high heels you’ve been eyeing”, Google explained in a blog post.
“Style Ideas” is currently only available in Image Search on mobile web and in the Google app for Android

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