Study: Egypt ranks 19th in Facebook users

A new regional study has put Egypt as the world’s 19th in terms of the number of social networking users, followed by Saudi Arabia in 31st, and the United Arab Emirates in 48th.

Egypt has the highest number of social and business networking users in the Arab region, followed by Saudi Arabia, according to a study conducted by Galal & Karawi Consulting in cooperation with Orient Planet.

The study said there are 21.4 million Arab users on social networking websites, such as Facebook, compared to only 2.7 million on business-related services, such as LinkedIn, in Egypt, the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, and Bahrain.

Of the Arab countries, Egypt ranks first with 11.4 million users of social networking sites, followed by Saudi Arabia with 5.3 million, and the UAE with 3.1 million, the study said.

As for business networking the UAE came in first with more than a million users, the study said, followed by Saudi Arabia with 680,000, and Egypt with 596,000. On the international level, UAE ranks 22nd in terms of users of business networking, followed by Saudi Arabia in 32nd, and Egypt in 38th.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm website.

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