Study: 92% of doctors in Upper Egypt hospitals dissatisfied with medical services

A study conducted by researchers from Assiut University found out that 92 percent of doctors in 34 hospitals in Minya, Assiut and Sohag are dissatisfied with the medical services provided to citizens, due to the lack of diagnostic and treatment devices, as well as the lack of surgical needs.
Former deputy head of Assiut University and head of Upper Egypt Patients' Rescue Association Hassan Salah said the study revealed that 84 percent of doctors are dissatisfied with nursing services as well. 
Forty five percent of patients are dissatisfied with the medical services, 22 percent are satisfied and the remainder are not completely satisfied, according to the study.
Salah stressed that the deterioration of medical services in recent years is due to the lack of the scientific approach in hospital management, as well as the lack of medical equipment, buildings and infrastructure.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm 

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