Students and teachers protest at Al Azhar, Kafr el-Sheikh

Hundreds of students and teachers protested inside Al Azhar University and in front of the Ministry of Education office in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate yesterday in two unrelated protests.

At Al Azhar approximately a thousand students gathered in front of the Faculty of Sciences building to protest the dismissal of 12 students. The students were dismissed because of their affiliation with the Muslim Brotherhood.

Protesters raised banners that played on the slogan of the National Democratic Party’s sixth general congress, which concluded two days ago. “For You…Dismissal and Removal,” said one banner. The 12 suspended students took part in the protest by wearing black and holding signs that said, “For You…I am Dismissed.”

A student delivered a speech on behalf of his suspended classmates, satirically saying they were dismissed from the faculty for a whole academic year because “they had in the early days of the new academic year distributed sweets among their friends to congratulate them.”

Also on Tuesday, dozens of teachers in Kafr el-Sheikh Governorate gather early in the morning in front of the Ministry of Education’s local office to protest Governor Ahmed Zaki Abdeel’s refusal to implement a decision from the Ministry of Education that would allow them to stay in their jobs.

The teachers chanted slogans that were based on the NDP’s, such as “For you, our children on the street.” They also chanted, “One, two, where is Gamal Mubarak?”

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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