Student protests continue in Cairo and Fayoum

University students and teaching staff in Cairo and Fayoum continued their ongoing protests on Thursday, calling for the resumption of classes, better working conditions and various changes in senior university staff.

In Cairo, Nile University students staged demonstrations before the cabinet to demand the resumption of classes, which were suspended with the eruption of the 25 January revolution. They were joined by Mansoura University assistant professors demanding better working conditions.

Students of the Industrial Institute, for their part, staged protests before the Ministry of Education, demanding the director’s dismissal, and calling for the appointment of another director by means of an election.

Cairo University students and professors also held demonstrations, demanding the dismissal of the university’s president, Hossam Kamel, the dean of the faculty of mass communications, Sami Abdel Aziz, and the dean of the faculty of sciences, Mohamed Saleh.

Ain Shams University students also demanded the dismissal of their president, Maged al-Deeb.

Demonstrations were also seen in Fayoum, again centered on a change in staff. Fayoum University professors of engineering demanded the faculty dean’s ouster, and called for the election of a new dean.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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