The Status of Arts: Last publication of Ahmed Fouad Selim

El-Fann wa Ahwalou  (The Status of Arts) is the last book Ahmed Fouad Selim, a critic and artist, reviewed for publication. Selim died before seeing the book in print.

In the introduction, Selim says:

“This is a compendium of the weekly articles of el-Fann we Ahwalou (The Status of Arts), which were published on a weekly basis over a period of ten years in Akhbar el-Nogoum Magazine, Al-Wafd newspaper, and currently in Garidat al-Qahira … Several of the articles look at the lives of artists, their times, and discuss how those stars were made and the status they attained. Some of the articles touch on science, technology and biotechnology, while others tackle the worlds of cinema, theater and music, and yet others explore the meaning of the concepts of modernism and post-modernism.”

In this massive volume, the reader will find dozens of articles on formative art and its most illustrious artists, such as Hamed Nada, Ahmed Moursi, Hemli el-Touni, Mohamed Nagui, Salah Taher, Mahmoud Moktar, Mahmoud Saeed, Omar el-Nagdi, and others. The book also has articles about plastic art teachers and coverage of some galleries as well as accounts of Selim’s past experiences as a judge at several art exhibitions.

Book: El-Fann we Ahwalou  (The Status of Arts)
Author: Ahmed Fouad Selim
Publisher: The General Authority for Cultural Palaces, Cairo, 2009
528 large-size pages

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