State TV airs first post-surgery Mubarak footage

President Hosni Mubarak appeared on Egyptian state television on Tuesday for the first time since he underwent gallbladder surgery at Germany’s Heidelberg Hospital earlier this month. On its three o’clock news edition, Channel One broadcast video footage of the president sitting with his personal doctor at the hospital.

At a press conference, the doctor said that the president no longer required daily testing.

Earlier, a hospital spokeswoman said that Mubarak was "recovering well" following the surgery.

On Tuesday, Egyptian authorities issued a bulletin stating that the president’s morale was "high" and that he looked forward to resuming his normal activities. They also reported that his medical condition was "progressing satisfactorily."

Mubarak will be subject to continuous monitoring by doctors over the next several days until he leaves the hospital.

In a television interview, the president’s Chief of Staff Zakaria Azmy announced that Mubarak would soon make a televised appearance in order to reassure the Egyptian public about the state of his health.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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