State security detains 3 citizens despite court orders for their release

The families of three men accused the state security apparatus of illegally detaining the men after they were exonerated of charges involving the 2011 New Years Eve bombing of an Alexandria church which killed 24 people and wounded dozens.

The families sent a complaint to Interior Minister Mahmoud Wagdy which called on him to obey the court orders and release the three men.

Hussein Youssef disappeared for a period of 45 days following the attack on the church, his sister said. She went on to say that when they were finally allowed to see him, they found him in poor condition and bearing signs of torture. She went on to say that the Interior Ministry refuses to release him despite the court order.

The mother of Ibrahim Kamal, one of the detainees, said her son was kidnapped by security forces and that she knew nothing about his whereabouts for 45 days. She said they tortured and detained him in an underground prison while trying to force him and others to confess to the crime, but they refused to do so.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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