State-run newspaper staff stage anti-corruption protests

Reporters of state-run newspapers continued to protest against the management and the editorial policies of their papers.

Employees of Rose Al-Youssef on Tuesday demanded the departure of Chief Editor Karam Gaber, holding him responsible for some LE100 million in losses due to low circulation as a result of a poor editorial content.

Employees of Al-Ahram are devising a new administrative and financial system to offset LE175 million in losses due to corrupt management. They also aim to change the content of the paper to reflect the aspirations of the people as opposed to speaking for a certain ruling political party.

October Magazine reporters working on temporary contracts threatened to hunger strike if they are not given permanent positions within the institution.

Reporters of Al-Gomhorriya also requested the departure of the chief editors and chairmen of all publications, and the holding of new elections for these posts.

Meanwhile, Al-Akhbar reporters demanded the departure of Chief Editor Momtaz al-Qut, who they say was loyal to the former ruling party.

Translated from the Arabic Edition.

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