State employees to take protests to presidential palace

Employees at government agencies disgruntled with a law regulating their bonuses, promotions and evaluations are planning further escalation by protesting outside the presidential palace this month.
Tadamun (solidarity), an alliance of independent trade unions and labor movements, said it will organize a march to the Ettehadiya Presidential Palace mid-October to proceed with the campaign denouncing the Civil Service Law.
The law, enacted in March, regulates appointment criteria, vocational degrees, payments, retirements and promotions for civilian workers at government agencies. It has drawn criticism of labor rights activists and a number of trade unions which had vowed to lobby against the document. The government, meanwhile, says the law would bring a remarkable improvement to the state’s administrative bodies.
Tarek Koeib, who leads an independent union of employees at the Rea Estate Tax Authority, said brochures detailing flaws in the law will be printed and given out to workers at government institutions, with signatures collected in support for the abrogation of the law.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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