Stars of the film “Shamarekh” to attend its December 6 screening

The cast and crew of “Shamarekh” (Fireworks) will attend its special screening on December 6 to celebrate its release in Egyptian and Arab cinemas.

This screening will be attended by the film stars Asser Yassin, Amina Khalil, and director Amr Salama.

The film is set to be officially released on December 7.

“Shamarekh” is the thrilling tale of a businessman who falls in love with a young woman – and the explosive pressure that follows.

Alongside Yassin and Khalil, the film features a large cast including Khaled al-Sawy, the late Mostafa Darwish, Mohamed Tharwat, Adam al-Sharkawy, Lavinia Nader alongside guests of honor such as Taha Desouki and Hoda Al-Mufti.

The film is written and directed by Amr Salama and produced by C Cinema Productions.

Before hitting cinemas across the Arab world, the first screening of the film is scheduled to be shown during the current session of the Red Sea Film Festival on December 1 as part of the “Arabian Masterpieces” program.

The producing company and filmmakers explained that the film will be dedicated to Darwish, who passed away before seeing his last ever project screened.

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