Spy suspect’s mother: ‘My son is innocent’

The mother of Mohamed Bakr Radwan, the Egyptian national who is accused by Syria of spying for Israel, said her son is innocent.

“He takes a big salary as director of a reputable oil company in Syria,” she said. “He doesn’t need to spy.”

She said that last time she talked to him was on Wednesday via the internet, when she asked him to come back home due to the demonstrations in Syria, but he assured her that he was in Damascus, far away from the demonstrations in the city of Deraa.

She denied her son took LE100 for each picture he sent to Israel, as the Syrian authorities claim. “He likes photography. Its his hobby,” she said.

She also said the Syrian authorities allowed him to stay and work in the country in 2010 when they checked and found nothing against him, and that he never went to Israel, as there is no Israeli visa on his Egyptian or American passports.

She called on Mohamed Hussein Tantawi, commander of the Supreme Council of the Armed Forces, and Prime Minister Essam Sharaf to intervene personally and bring her son back.

Translated from the Arabic Edition

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