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Spring Fashion: Bold is gold

As winter is dragging out its frosty hues, fashion gurus are busy showing off their new spring creations for the year 2012. Lots of pleasant surprises await fashionistas this season, from brighter colors to novel prints.

The general trend of next spring is color-mania. The coming season gives you the chance to wear more than one solid color in one outfit. However, specialists advise to make three colors your maximum.

Egyptian designer Deana Shaaban gives her take on the coming fashion season: “The fashion colors of spring 2012 are vibrant, with strong prints to counter the economic, political and natural disasters that keep occurring around the world. I think spring colors and patterns will be there to instill hope and a sense of possibility, which I think the world needs this year more than ever.”

This spring’s fashion is bold, so don’t shy away from big, flowery or geometric prints as they dominate runways in the UK.

But what colors are in?

The spectrum is wide. Tangerine has swept the runways by surprise this spring, especially at New York Fashion Week. All shades of orange may work this season. If bold colors are not your thing, pastels are back this season, including baby pink and light blue. Choose the color that suits your complexion.

Other hues ruled the runways for this coming season, like shiny bronze and electric emerald, but paired with calmer, neutral colors like crème and white. This rock star look is preferred, of course, at night.

“My Spring-Summer 2012 will be a plethora of colors and patterns, all of which are bold and proud,” says Shaaban. “The cuts are going to be fitted at areas to imply strength in essence while other parts are loose and airy to allow for freedom of movement.”

Keep flared pants from last season. They are one of this spring’s must haves, but in silk or crepe. Pair them with a flowing blouse or a jacket. Tuxedo jackets are also in this season.

A touch of the 80’s was spotted on the runways this season, such as the peplum skirt, dress and top, defined by a short flared ruffle that sits at the natural waist. The cut is elegant, feminine and very slimming, as it defines the waist and covers the stomach. Nana’s Closet adopted that look last winter.

The doctor’s bag has appeared several times on the runway this season. Although inconvenient due to its large size and small handle, the doctor’s bag is extremely elegant. If that item is missing from your closet, head to El-Horreya Design for Freedom.

As for make-up, fresh and bold colors are waiting for you. Nail polish colors range between blue, yellow, orange, pink, green, red and purple.

For your eyes, aqua and nude are the general look of this season. For a dramatic yet hip look, go for 60s-style winged eye liner. But this season choose yellow, coral, green or orange.

As for hair this season, long, straight, one-layer hair, the “Pocahontas look,” is in. Although hard to achieve and manage, this style is highly favored by hair dressers this season.

“From the yellows, reds and oranges to the greens, blues and purples, the color scheme of this season’s collection, along with the patterns and cuts, will be filled with a sense of freedom, hope and infinite exciting possibility,” Shaaban says.

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