Sports Minister awaiting prosecution report on young man’s death in Cairo Stadium pool

Youth and Sports Minister Khaled Abdel Aziz has currently refused to take any action against officials at Cairo Stadium, after young man drowned in the swimming pool on Saturday while other swimmers were training.

The minister is awaiting the forensic medicine report and the conclusions of the prosecution office's investigations into the incident.

The victim was being trained by a private sports academy that rents out the swimming pool at the stadium, Aziz said citing reports he received from officials at Cairo Stadium. He added that according to the papers signed by the two parties, this academy's officials must take full responsibility for the protection and the safety of its players.

He pointed out that he would not hesitate to hold any official in the stadium accountable if charged by the prosecution, and that regulations in dealing with private academies will be reviewed.

Maj. Gen. Ali Darwish, head of the Cairo Stadium authority, said he resigned after learning the news that young man drowned because of his sense of political and moral responsibility towards the incident.

However, he said there is no criminal evidence against the stadium. The prosecution was given all documentation signed by the academy, which proves the academy has been renting out the pool once a week over three months.

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