Space environment research lab to be established at Egyptian Japanese University

A laboratory for space environment research at the Egyptian Japanese University of Science and Technology is being established to support the Egyptian space program, the President of the Egyptian Japanese University of Science and Technology in Borg al-Arab Ahmed al-Gohary announced.

He explained that its goal is to train young cadres to accomplish practical and theoretical projects related to space and satellite research, provide scientific and technical consultations, and exchange knowledge with various research bodies in Egypt and abroad through local and international projects.

The Director of the laboratory Ayman Mahrous said that the laboratory includes five units – the Space Research and Survey Studies Unit, the Experimental and Integrated Projects Unit, the Local and International Electronic and Geographic Information Systems Unit, the Consulting and Training Unit, and the Space Surveillance and Monitoring Unit.

He added that the laboratory aims to support the Egyptian space program by conducting scientific research related to Egyptian satellites, participating in international projects, establishing various stations for space monitoring, and providing technical consultations locally and internationally online.

Another goal of the laboratory is to organize workshops and conferences hold training courses in the various fields of satellites and space science, and exchange expertise with various research bodies, he said.

In addition, faculty members in practical colleges will be trained to use simulation programs and computer operating systems that serve different majors in these colleges.

The laboratory will provide services related to the state of the space environment, through daily reports on solar activity, solar winds and magnetic storms which negatively affect communication and navigation equipment,  he added.

And it will provide daily reports on space weather forecasts for the Egyptian Space Agency and the Civil Aviation Authority.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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