South Sinai governor orders increased measures at Sharm al-Sheikh beaches

South Sinai Governor Abdel Fadeel Shousha has ordered hotels in the resort town of Sharm al-Sheikh to establish watch towers to spot sharks off nearby beaches.

Shousha also moved to re-open the beaches near the resort, as well as those located at Naema Bay, and to crackdown on boating violations in the surrounding waters.      

At Shousha's behest, warning panels will be also placed at areas where swimming and diving remain banned.

Egyptian and foreign experts recently released a report on the attacks that recommended constructing the towers and increasing divers and rescuers in nearby waters and along the beaches.

Three Russians and one Ukrainian tourist were mauled by sharks near Sharm al-Sheikh in the past two weeks. One German tourist, while snorkeling at Naema Bay, was killed in an attack.

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