Sources: Awa might run for presidency

Sources close to Mohamed Selim al-Awa, former presidential hopeful, said he has decided to run for presidency after Interim President Adly Mansour declared on Sunday amending the roadmap and hold presidential elections first.
Speaking on condition of anonymity, the sources said Awa awaits the anticipated amendment on presidential elections law and announcement by the High Elections Commission over measures of nomination then he will officially reveals his decision and form team to assist him and draft an electoral platform. Awa will not coordinate with any of the political groups.
In other news, sources said Awa is getting ready to defend deposed President Mohamed Morsy, who is accused of killing protesters outside Ettihadiya presidential palace in December 2012. The third session of the trial will take place in February after getting approval of Morsy during the session.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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