Somaya al-Khashab prepares for ‘Yana Yanty’ Ramadan series

After their success in the "Kaid al-Nesa" series four years ago, actor Somaya al-Khashab and belly dancer Fifi Abdo are back on screen in the new "Yana Yanty" series. As in "Kaid al-Nesa", the two actors are in conflict and competition, playing a game of cat and mouse in "Yana Yanty".
Khashab is back with a new and different look, now weighing a svelte 58 kg after having trimmed down. She plays the role of Sahwaka while Abdo plays the role of Dawahy. Both are swindlers who vie for the largest number of victims. Khashab's character decided to become a scam artist after having lived through difficult social circumstances.
Fifty percent of the scenes in the series have been filmed in the streets of Cairo, as well as inside a villa.
Khashab has expressed happiness with this experience, saying it will be different from her former roles and denying it resembles her role in "Kaid al-Nesa". She hopes the new series will be popular during the upcoming Ramadan season.
Khashab said the relation between Sahwaka and Dawahy is like that of cats and mice; both hate each other, but cannot stay away from each other.
Although the series is a light comedy, it also includes action and melodrama, as well as many songs.
The series will also include guest stars, such as Ahmed Falawkas, Kuwaiti actor Dawoud Hussein and others. 
Khashab said she will take on several aliases and looks in the series as part of her role as a scam artist. 
"Yana Yanty" is written by Fatehy al-Gendy and directed by Ahmed Hamouda and Yasser Zayed. The series co-stars Sameh Seraity, Samy Maghawry, Sahar al-Sayegh and Wafaa Salem.
Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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