Solidarity Minister stresses support for Arab forum for women’s health

Social Solidarity Minister Nevine Kabbaj said her ministry can support the Arab Forum for Women’s Health through spreading awareness about the importance of protecting women’s health and placing it as part of national policies and plans.

The ministry can also support civil community institutions working on improving women health and implementing programs for early detection of tumors, she told the audience on Saturday = at the opening of the forum which is organized by the Egyptian Society of Cervical Cancer in partnership with the Ministries of Social Solidarity and Health and Population.

The event – under the theme of “women between obesity and cancer” – is held under the patronage of the Arab League.

She inspected Diarna exhibition for handicrafts which was organized on the fringe of the forum.

The minister hailed all efforts exerted by the civil community – represented by the Egyptian Society of Cervical Cancer, underlining the importance of raising awareness about the forum’s goals which aim at addressing dangerous health problems resulting from obesity.

She also underlined the importance of continued support for civil community organizations working in various development domains, topped by health and education.

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