Society formed to monitor Egyptian media for ethical violations

A number of media activists founded the Spectator, Reader and Listener Protection Society to monitor Egyptian media for violations of the journalistic code of ethics.

The founders of the society said in a press conference at the Journalists Syndicate on Tuesday that the society’s main role is to monitor media for technical, legislative and moral violations.

The temporary head of the society, Hassan Mohamed Ali, said that the main targets of the society are talk shows and newspapers. The society intends to prepare a monthly report cataloguing violations and also bring lawsuits against blatant violators.

The monthly report would contain a “blacklist” of media outlets who commit excessive violations.

The society will also seek to raise the bar of performance among media professionals.

One of the founding members, Adel Refaat, said the society plans to monitor newspapers, movies and video clips for violations against the traditions and values of Egyptian society.

Refaat said that court cases will include documents and evidence proving violations against Egyptian values.

Translated from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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