Socialist party attacks Morsy’s cleaning campaign

The Socialist Popular Alliance Party criticized Friday President Mohamed Morsy's initiative that calls on Egyptians to clean streets nationwide of garbage.

The party said in a statement that the initiative coincides with residents' sit-ins in many areas that suffer from water and electricity cuts.

Egypt's problems cannot be solved through such initiatives, the party said, describing the call for citizens to clean the streets as bearing a "twisted" understanding of popular participation.

"The president suggests that the people bear the burden of the Cabinet and executive office's failure to carry out their duties," the statement said. "This burden will mostly be endured by residents of lower class areas which suffer from the most negligence."

Although the party appreciates philanthropy and volunteer work, these are only temporary measures and do not offer long-term or radical solutions, the statement continued.

The party announced its solidarity with all the citizens protesting for their rights, urging them to form popular committees in areas that suffer from neglect to monitor the performance of and exert pressure on the executive authority through protests or legal means.

Morsy launched the initiative one week ago in his speech marking the beginning of Ramadan.

Environment Minister Mostafa Hussein Kamel said in a statement to state television that the ministry has a plan to participate in the campaign. According to state TV, the campaign involves a number of NGOs and young volunteers, and the Environment Ministry will provide tools.

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