Soaring prices for North Coast concerts, yet huge turnout

Alexandria and other coastal cities attracted the summer crowd looking to enjoy water, sea, beaches, and big stars, but now the map of summer concerts changed, and the North Coast alone became the focus of the attention of the holidaymakers.

However the summer 2022 season has not been without controversy. Stars demanded high prices, white clean clothing and age limits ranging from no-one lower than 12 or 21 years old.

This was the case at Amr Diab’s concert during Eid al-Adha which faced criticism.

Organizers of the concert conditioned that attendees wear white clothes, yet as this coincided with the Hajj season it reminded people of pilgrim clothing, causing the event to become a subject of mockery – though that didn’t stop it from becoming one of the North Coasts’s largest and most successful parties thus far.

Some of the parties came at very high and exaggerated prices, amounting to LE 100,000 for a table of five seats. This sparked outrage across social media, especially given the current global economic crisis.


Soaring ticket prices for Amr Diab’s concert

Ticket prices for the star Amr Diab’s concert, in which he performed in the New el-Alamein City, during Eid al-Adha aroused controversy.

Ticket prices ranged from LE 1,500 to 10,000, and those tickets come within tables of eight to 10 seats as a minimum, and the prices of tables range between LE 12,000 for 8 seats, LE 20,000 for 10 seats, LE 20,000 for 8 seats, and LE 35,000 for 10 seats, and LE 32,000 for eight seats, 40,000 for 10 seats, in addition to LE 100,000 for 10 seats, according to the official website of the reservation.


Tamer Hosny’s concert

Tamer Hosny performed a concert as part of the al-Alamein Festival 2022.

The concert tickets were in four categories, starting from LE 500, the second LE 750, the third category LE 1,800, and the fourth category 3,500.

Although the high ticket prices of the concert saw some backlash, the official website for reservations announced that tickets had run out – a category was offered at a low price of LE 300.

The organizers conditioned that children under the age of 12 were not allowed to attend, according to the official website of the reservation.


Mostafa Amar’s concert sold out

Mostafa Amar performed a huge party in the North Coast with all tickets sold out.

He also had a condition of white clothes for the audience. Mostafa Amar appeared with his business manager Ali Rashad and his brother Hamada Amar.

Amar performed many of his old and modern songs in response to the wishes of the audience, which included many selfie photos.


The reason for the high ticket prices

Concert organizer Walid Mansour commented on the controversy surrounding ticket prices in the summer of 2022 and their unprecedented rise.

He told Al-Masry Al-Youm that: “The reason for the increase in prices is the rise in the value of rent for concert venues, in addition to the stars recently raising their wages significantly… The rumors that have spread recently that these prices are suitable only for the rich, this is not true, as many parties have a ticket value of LE 200.”


Ruby’s concert

Ruby is on the throne of the list of the upcoming summer 2022 concerts, with her concert on the North Coast, in August 12. Prices for the tickets are divided into eight categories, as the first category came at LE 650, the second at LE 850, the third at LE 1,050, the fourth at LE 1,200 pounds, the fifth at LE 1,450, the sixth at 1,700, the seventh at LE 2,000, and the eighth at LE 3,500.

Table prices start from LE 6,500 for 10 seats, LE 10,200 for 12 seats, LE 12,600 for 12 seats, LE 18,000 for 15 seats, LE 17,400 for 12 seats, LE 25,500 for 15 seats, LE 24,000 for 12 seats, and LE 52,500 for 15 seats, according to the official website.

The third is 1050 pounds, the fourth is 1200 pounds, the fifth is 1450 pounds, the sixth is 1700 pounds, the seventh is 2000 pounds, and the eighth is 3500 pounds.

Table prices start from 6,500 pounds for 10 people, 10,200 pounds for 12 people, 12,600 pounds for 12 people, 18 thousand pounds for 15 people, 17,400 pounds for 12 people, 25,500 pounds for 15 people, 24 thousand pounds for 12 people, and 52,500 pounds for 15 people, according to the official website.

The organizing company also set the dress code required to attend the ceremony, with “Bright colors and floral patterns.”


Amal Maher’s concert

Singer Amal Maher is preparing to perform in a huge public concert after a long absence on Friday in New Alamein City.

The organizer of the ceremony, Tazkarti, published on its page on Facebook on Saturday the promotional poster for the ceremony.

“Get ready for a magical night! The long-awaited 2022 summer concert for the sensational singing-queen Amal Maher is at Al-Alamein Arena on Friday 29th of July. Tune in for booking info,” Tazkarti said.

Amal had announced that her absence was due to her infection with coronavirus.

Worried fans launched a hashtag last month demanding answers to why she had announced her sudden retirement a year ago, after her separation from her husband, to disappear after that completely out of sight.

Edited translation from Al-Masry Al-Youm

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