Sisi warns of danger of continuing Israeli military operations in Palestinian Rafah

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi asserted the importance of rallying international efforts to halt the Israeli war on the Gaza Strip and prevent expanding its humanitarian and security repercussions.

This came on Saturday 01/6/2024 during his meeting with US Senator Lindsey Graham, with Foreign Minister Sameh Shoukry and Director of the Egyptian General Intelligence Abbas Kamel in attendance.

Sisi warned from the danger of the continuing Israeli military operations in the Palestinian Rafah and from exacerbating the already grave humanitarian crisis in the enclave.

He reiterated the necessity of reaching a ceasefire agreement to set the stage for moving forward to applying the two-state solution which is the best path toward guaranteeing justice and sustainable security in the region.

Presidential Spokesman Ahmed Fahmy said that Graham lauded the significant and pivotal role played by Egypt to support security and stability in the region and applauded the strategic partnership between Egypt and the US.

Graham was keen on listening to President Sisi’s explanation of his vision on the means to solve the crisis in the Gaza Strip, Fahmy said.

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