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Sisi sworn in as current President of Egypt, promises to build modern, democratic state

Egyptian President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi was sworn in as President of the Republic for a new presidential term on Tuesday in front of the House of Representatives, at its new headquarters in the New Administrative Capital, and discussed his plans for the future.

The President delivered a speech after taking the oath to renew the pledge with the people to complete the process of building the nation and realize its aspirations in building a modern, democratic state advanced in science, industry, urbanism, agriculture, literature and arts.

The cohesion of the national bloc and the unity of the people is the first guarantee for the nation to reach the position it attains and deserves, he assured.

President Sisi added that the past few years have proven that the path to building a nation is not easy, and that the twists and turns of fate, between evil terrorist attempts at home, sudden global crises abroad, and fierce international and regional wars, impose challenges of a scale and severity unseen throughout Egypt’s modern history.

Egypt is in a race against time, as progress does not stop to wait for anyone, he said, but assured that Egypt has come a long way in a short period of time.

The President explained the most important features and objectives of national action during the next phase, stressing that protecting the country’s national security is a top priority while continuing to work to strengthen balanced relations internationally in order to consolidate stability, security, peace, and development.

The national dialogue will be completed and deepened during the next stage and the recommendations agreed upon at various levels will be implemented, he said.

Strategies will also be adopted that maximize Egypt’s economic capabilities and resources and enhance the solidity and flexibility of the Egyptian economy in the face of crises while achieving strong, sustainable and balanced economic growth, and strengthening the role of the private sector as an essential partner in leading development.

Sisi further noted the adoption of a comprehensive institutional reform aimed at ensuring financial discipline and achieving sound governance by rationalizing public spending and enhancing public revenues.

After the end of the ceremony and taking the presidential oath, the president placed a wreath on the memorial in People’s Square in the Administrative Capital, and a group of children participated in laying the wreath.

Military music played the martyr’s greeting, and the president was accompanied by Minister of Defense and Military Production Mohamed Ahmed Zaki, the Chief of Staff of the Armed Forces, Osama Askar, and commanders of the armed forces.

The president also signed the register of honor at the memorial monument.

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