Sisi: State takes steps to improve, reform economic situation

President Abdel Fattah al-Sisi said Friday that the State has taken steps to improve, develop and reform definitively the economic situation, adding everything are going well and there is no problem with goods and supplies.

Speaking with new students during his inspection of the Police Academy headquarters at dawn of Friday to greet them on the occasion of the holy fasting month of Ramadan, President Sisi welcomed the cadets, saying “I know that the intensive training period has ended and you are supposed to be at the end of the three-month period.”

“I am happy with what I see and what I hear from the minister and the academy’s director about the level that was achieved during the training period,” he added, underlining that the training will continue during the coming period after returning from vacations.

President Sisi greeted the families of students at the Police Academy on the occasion of Ramadan. He also extended greetings to Christians on Great Lent (a fast observed for 55 days).

The President stressed the State’s keenness to develop the human factor with the view to achieving development, progress and the state of discipline.

“I will talk to you about two topics; the first concerns Egypt and its internal affairs over the past four years,” President Sisi said, adding there have been conditions of COVID-19, the Russian crisis, and the war on Gaza, which had a major impact on Egypt’s economy.

“However, the measures that were taken in the past few weeks helped put us back on the right track to correct and improve the economic path,” he further noted.

President Sisi underlined that a preliminary agreement was concluded with the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and there is also a form of support from the World Bank and the European Union, in addition to other measures that are well known to everyone.

Steps were also taken to improve, develop and reform the economic situation decisively, he said, adding “things are going well so far.”

Also, there is no problem with the goods and supplies that were stuck at the ports, saying they were released, and that’s all about the internal situation in the country, he said.

The President strongly condemned the ongoing killings and violence in the Gaza Strip, asserting that Egypt works sincerely on ceasing fire in the Palestinian enclave and saving the lives of innocent civilians in the Palestinian territory.

More than 30,000 Palestinians, mostly children and women, were killed in Gaza, while over 70,000 others were wounded, the president said.

In addition, more than 60 percent of buildings and infrastructure have been destroyed in this war and large sums of money will be needed to reconstruct the enclave.

Egypt works on putting an end to the killings and destruction and delivering the largest part of humanitarian aid to the enclave, Sisi said, warning against the use of food as a weapon against innocent civilians in Gaza.

The President shed light on Egypt’s efforts to support Gazans through airdropping aid in cooperation with the UAE, Qatar, the US and France, among others.

Sisi stressed that thousands of tons of aid are required daily to meet the needs of the Gazans, noting that Egypt works earnestly to reach a truce in the Palestinian enclave.

Egypt also works on delivering the largest possible quantity of humanitarian aid to the Palestinian enclave to put an end to the famine-stricken Gazans and help the Palestinians move northward.

Sisi warned that the incursion into Rafah will broaden the war, affirming that Egypt is keen to find a real opportunity to establish a Palestinian independent state with the international recognition.

The President cited the negative impacts of the Gaza war and its repercussions on the safety of navigation in the Red Sea and Suez Canal and the bad effects on the international trade.

Sisi voiced his hopes that a ceasefire deal could be reached in the coming few days.

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